¿About Us?

The authentic taste of Monterrey!!!

On August 20, 2019, this gastronomic project located north of the city of Austin, Texas began. Our dream, as natives of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, has been taking hold with the passing of time despite having emerged in the midst of the pandemic.

The idea was born during the construction of the Austin F.C. Q2 Stadium, and this could not go unnoticed for a native of Monterrey, a city with a long soccer tradition and a great culinary history. The union of these two Monterrey passions gave birth to the idea of the Taqueria with varied and delicious gastronomy. Something new and exquisite for the city of Austin, with the best flavors of our street tacos. Nothing like it existed in the city.

Yours truly Antonio Banda, my wife Morayma Banda, and my sister Elisa Banda, we are the team that started and runs the project, with God’s favor and the support of our family and friends.

My mother’s recipes are present in the skillful hands of my sister, who inherited her seasoning. So we can taste and enjoy the very tasty stews of the steamed taquitos and, in addition, you can not miss our famous and delicious barbacoa that my wife and I began to offer in 2004, just recently married and that over time has been enjoyed by a long clientele that supports us.

Thanks to the union of all these reasons and above all the support of our people, this project will continue to grow as well as the number of branches that will soon open their doors.